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Canada’s Number One Song And Album – February 8, 2014

Not a great week chartwise.  CBC has a repeat number 1 with Broken Bells regaining the top spot with “Holding on for Life” and CKUA not updating their chart at all.  Very disappointing.

In their stead, we present 2 songs off the charts that are on their way down and hopefully will not move up to number 1 at this stage.  That would also be disappointing.

First a tidbit off the CBC chart, Kodaline‘s tune, “Love Like This”.  They are an Irish band, out of Dublin, very Indie rock.  The song had a good run on the chart, but have now dropped out of the Top 10, and now occupy number 11.  Just close enough to number 1 to make me nervous.  Simply put, great song, and was on my list for Song Of The Day, but I’ll make the sacrifice.

As for albums, lets stick with the number 11 on CKUA.  In this case, we have Bruce Springsteen’s new release “High Hopes”.  Always been a Bruce fan.  Great song for you, also called “High Hopes”.


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Canada’s Number One Song And Album – February 1, 2014

Rosanne Cash at Rockwood Music Hall for WFUV
Rosanne Cash (Photo credit: wfuv)


Serena Ryder’s “Fall” regained the number 1 position on the CBC2 chart.  Being how I have already featured her here, I will pick another tune off the chart.  When this occurs, I’ll pick a tune that is heading down towards the bottom.  In that vein, I have chosen a tune by The Treasures called”Gonna Wait”.  It now sits at number 16, dropping 10 spots.  The band hails from Toronto and hit the roots style of rock.  The video is a live version of the tune.


The Treasures Home



A bit luckier on the album chart from CKUA as we have a brand new number 1.  Rosanne Cash takes over the top spot with her album “The River & The Thread”.  The song I have picked is a live version of “Modern Blue” which is getting a lot of airplay on both stations.  Great artist with another winner album.


Roseanne Cash Home






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Canada’s Number One Song And Album – January 25, 2013

English: Broken Bells performing at Webster Ha...
English: Broken Bells performing at Webster Hall, NYC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We have new number 1’s on both charts this week.  We will start with the number 1 song in Canada (as charted by CBC2), “Holding On For Life”, the newest single from the collaboration Broken Bells.  Broken Bells is a group headed up by Danger Mouse and James Mercer of the Shins.  The tune is basically a Bee Gee’s redux, very reminiscent of their work during the Saturday Night Fever era.





The CKUA album chart has a new leader as well, Colleen Brown and her new EP, Direction 1: Major Love.  Colleen is a Canadian folk/pop musician with 3 albums to her credit.  The song I have chosen is called Mountain Man.  Interesting tune, but, not in my wheelhouse.




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My Top 10 for 2013 – The Seven That Didn’t Make It

Serena Ryder
Serena Ryder


It is that time of year once again, the dreaded top 10 lists.  To milk this as much as possible, I am dropping 3 posts on you.  Number 17 to 11, then 10-6 and finally my top 5.  How do 17 songs end up on a top 10 list you ask?  Simple my blog and I can do what I want.  Seriously though, I have trouble picking my favourites and couldn’t whittle it down anymore than this.  I did leave some great music on the side unfortunately.  So without further adieu, I give number 11 to 17, completely without any further yapping from me, just the music.


17 “Stars” by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals



16 “Cry Love” by Belle Starr



15 “Can You Get to That” by Mavis Staples



14 “When You Know” by Matt Epp & Serena Ryder



13 “Out of the Woods” by Justin Rutledge



12 “Back It Up”‘ by Caro Emerald



11 “Cold Cold Heart” by Bobby Bazini





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