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The 7:40 Songbook – March 7, 2014

So sue me.  Been cheating on the dates as it took me a day between thinking up the 740 and actually implementing it.  That means that the 7th is actually the 6th’s tune.  Clear as mud?  Going forward the weekend will be a time of #1’s, remembrance, new Canadian releases and top 500’s, maybe the odd interesting cover and some random music that I Shazam from time to time.  Or maybe nothing at all.

Today’s tune has a distinctly Calgary flavour as it featured Freak Motif, a Calgary funk/soul group who have released this song “Killin’ Me”, as a single last month.  The song features another Canadian artist “Lady C”.  Bring on the funk.

If you enjoyed this, hit the links for more on this band.

Freak Motif Home

Freak Motif on CBC Music

Song Of The Day – Delbert and The Commotions


Song Of The Day today is actually Group of the Day.  I received an email from Brian Asselin, a member of an R&B/Funk group known as Delbert & The Commotions.  The best part, the group includes Delbert Nelson, once with the legendary Funk Brothers.  Brian met Delbert while touring with the Funk Brothers and ended up collaborating on an album about a year ago.  An interesting story, a Canadian sax player and an American singer teaming up to write a soul album.  Please enjoy, visit the links and maybe pop a song or two onto your iPod.

Delbert and the Commotions Home

Delbert and the Commotions on iTunes

Delbert and the Commotions on CBC2

Delbert and the Commotions on Twitter

The Little Things


Song Of The Day – John Newman – Cheating

British soul singer, John Newman nails it with this terrific tune, Cheating.  Only 21, he shows great maturity in his songwriting and his vocals.  Now if I could just find a place to buy it.

John Newman Home

John Newman on twitter

Song Of The Day – Michael Kiwanuka – “Home Again”

P3Sessions 7. Mars – Michael Kiwanuka på Pigalle

I heard this on CBC2 this morning.  The artist, Michael Kiwanuka is a UK singer with 1 disk under his belt, “Home Again”.  It was released in March of 2012 and had great success in Europe, reaching #4 in the UK.  In Canada and the USA, not so much, 35 in Canada and 120 to the south of us.  This tune is off the album, also titled “Home Again”.  I think I will need to hit iTunes up for this one.  Very soulful.  Liked it a lot.

Michael Kiwanuka Home

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