Remembering Roy Wilson


A map of Jamaica

A map of Jamaica (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Early Ska pioneer Roy Wilson passed away on May 26.  He was the Wilson in “Higgs and Wilson” along with Joe Higgs.  They formed in Jamaica in the 1950’s and released this song “Oh Manny Oh” in 1960.  They were instrumental in developing the genre in the 1960’s.  He moved to the USA in the late 1960’s, with Higgs staying in Jamaica and having a successful solo career.  Roy is featured in the documentary “Legends of Ska”.

Oh Manny Oh


Song Of The Day – Remembering Lloyd Brevett

Lloyd Brevett

Lloyd Brevett (Photo credit: rudijamikko)

Lloyd Brevett, a founding member of The Skatalites, passed away on May 3 in Jamaica.  He was 80.  With the band, he played double bass and also produced 2 of their albums.   Ska was his passion, and he traveled the world playing his music with the band.  The attached is a live version of “Peanut Vendor”.  As I always say, live music is the best way to listen to anyone, and this song will take you deep into summer.

Peanut Vendor

Trivia Question of the Day

Who was the first musical guest on Saturday Night Live?

The last Question answered

Q. Who was the first American pop band to tour the Soviet Union?

A. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Fishin’ In The Dark

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