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Song Of The Day – The Raconteurs – Steady, As She Goes


English: Jack White of the Raconteurs performi...
English: Jack White of the Raconteurs performing at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver B.C in April of 2008. Photo shot by Kris Krug. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Jack White, repeat after me, Jack White just can’t make a mistake.  The Raconteurs are one of his multitude of projects.  This tune comes from the vault, 2006 I believe.  Jack is the vocalist and guitarist in this song.  “Steady, As She Goes” pretty much sums up his style.  The band is still active, but, as member Brendan Benson said in a 2010 interview, they are ambiguous.  No matter, it is the music that counts and this band has a great sound.  Besides White and Benson, the other members are Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler.  All have a pedigree within the music world, all are outstanding musicians.  Time to rock.  Check out the links for more.


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