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Let’s Explore The Blues – Bo Carter

Bo Carter was born in 1892 and passed on in 1964.  He was first known as a member of the Mississippi Sheiks with his brothers, and ended up as a very successful solo artist.  His playlist was, simply, bawdy.  Some of the songs. “Please Warm My Wiener”, “My Pencil Won’t Write No More” and “Banana In Your Fruit Basket”.  Classic names for any song. He is also responsible for the first recording of “Corrine. Corrina” so he was not just a vaudeville sideshow.  He recorded 110 sides in the 1930’s, making him both prolific and important.  In fact, some say he was the most important artist of the era.  His guitar playing still has influence on the stars of today.  Enough of the man, let’s dig into the music.

Lets begin with bawdy songs.

“Please Warm My Wiener”


“My Pencil Won’t Write No More”

Now to some his more “contemporary” songs and some covers.  The first is a cover of All Around Man by Rory Gallagher.  If you have 10 minutes to spare, listen to the greatest guitar player – EVER, do a version that absolutely scintillates (ooo big word).

All Around Man

The next three songs show a classic song and how modern artists have made it, well, better, yet true to the original.  The progression shows how these guys had and have, such a huge influence over modern music.

Corrine, Corrina – Bo Carter

If you have another 10 minutes, this version of Corrine Corrina is great.

By Wynton Marsalis & Eric Clapton

And finally, one more by Leon Russell and JJ Cale.  Life is good.

Leon Russell and JJ Cale

Let’s Explore The Blues – Mississippi Sheiks

Highway 61 Blues Mural
Highway 61 Blues Mural (Photo credit: joseph a)


The Mississippi Sheiks were a country blues group (who could play anything) that recorded in the 1930’s.  Their style was a combination of guitar and fiddle.  The group consisted mainly of the Chatmon family, namely Armenter (aka Bo Carter), Lonnie and Sam Chatmon.  The other key member was Walter Vinson.  Their first recording was cut in 1930.  In that year, they recorded what may be their most famous song, “Sitting On Top Of The World“.  The version here is the original.

“Sitting On Top Of The World”

Here is a version by Howlin’ Wolf.

And by Cream, a live version from 2005.

The group continued to record and tour until 1936.  Their legacy consisted of 70 odd recordings.   They broke up and headed back home to Mississippi to again be farmers.  Walter recorded 3 songs in 1961 and Sam did a few more records in the 1960’s during the blues revival and legacy projects.  Their music has been redone by many of the giants.  Enjoy the next few selections by a wide gamut of artists.  I especially liked the Rory Gallagher tune, man he could play.

Honey Babe Let the Deal Go Down – Bruce Cockburn

Kind Treatment – John Hammond

Tribute done by Rory Gallagher