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Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 33

Blue Rodeo
Cover of Blue Rodeo

Part 33 includes a bit (a lot) of country rock courtesy of one of Canada’s best kept secrets, Blue Rodeo, and perennial favourites Prairie Oyster.  We also have some newer rock with Billy Talent and some classic rock with April Wine.  Let’s dive right in with number 339 on the countdown, Billy Talent.

339. Fallen Leaves – Billy Talent

Canada’s kings of rock hold down 339 on the list with Fallen Leaves.  The song was recorded in 2006 and was the third single released from their 2nd album, Billy Talent II.  The band is out of Mississauga, Ontario and are considered Canada’s finest punk guitar band at this time.  Good tune with a depressing drug related theme.


338. Just Between You & Me – April Wine

Don’t get me started on this band.  One of my all time favourites.  They hit 338 with this great ballad, typical 70’s and 80’s rocker style.


337. Prairie Oyster – Only One Moon

Six time Juno Award winners as country group of the year, 6 as Canadian Country Music Awards group of the year, eight albums and members of the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame.  Must be good, eh!  This tune is off their 1994 album of the same name, and become my 337 on the list.


336. Rain Down on Me – Blue Rodeo

Now for a double shot of Canada’s best kept secret, Blue Rodeo.  Formed in 1984, the band is still going strong.  Original members include the 2 front men, Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor and bass player Bazil Donovan.  amazing longevity, not to mention a seemingly endless supply of creativity.  13 albums and multiple awards and still going strong.  Enjoy 336 and 335 on the countdown.  First up is Rain Down On Me, off their 1992 album “Lost Together”.  Great vocals from Jim Cuddy in this one.

335. Blue Rodeo – Bad Timing

More of the same from Jim Cuddy, a great singer.  Bad Timing is taken from their 1993 album, Five Days In July.


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Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 23

Today’s 5 spot includes a classic female singer of the 60’s, another entry from Blue Rodeo some classic rock and folk, and a current superstar.

1. Buffy Ste. Marie

“Mister Can’t You See”

Buffy Sainte-Marie

Buffy Ste. Marie is a native Canadian artist, born in Saskatchewan.  Her music is a mix of history and mysticism.  She is a true Canadian treasure.

This is one of her anti-war anthems.

2. Blue Rodeo

“Till I am Myself Again”


Love these guys.  Another entry from a great band.  This song is off Casino, recorded in 1990.

3. Crash Vegas

” It’s Not Funny Anymore”

English: Greg Keelor at the Spencerville fair

Crash Vegas was a Canadian folk-rock band from the late 1980’s.  It has a connection to Blue Rodeo in that Greg Keelor, the other singer and songwriter for Blue Rodeo was one of the founding members.   He left the band before they had recorded anything. This song is from their 1989 record, “Red Earth”.  The quality of the clip is lacking and I apologize.  Could not find  anything better.

4. 54-40

“One Day in Your Life”

Another entry from a Canadian classic band.

5. Nelly Furtado

“I’m Like a Bird”

Nelly Furtado

The first entry on the list by Canadian international superstar, Nelly Furtado.  Great song.

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