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I Cannot Tell A Lie, I Got Some Liebsters (And A Song By Parov Stelar)

Thought For The Day


What if farting was contagious like yawning?


A quick note to thank a couple of blogs I have followed lately for bestowing the World Famous Liebster Award to me.  I am a bit of a party pooper (hmm, my thoughts are pretty potty today) though, as I will happily acknowledge the receipt, but am far to lazy to pass it on.


First The Grimm Report.  Love this one, very good sense of humour and one I love to pop in on regularly. Check this one out.


Second The Ratchet Review.  Another recent addition to my reading day.  Lots of quick posts, very nicely done, with plenty of humour.  Worth the time to pop in and say hi.


Parov Stelar
Parov Stelar (Photo credit: Misantrofia)


And now a song.  I heard this on the TV the other night, no idea what show (we were drinking a touch of wine).  Blew me away.  Bought the album, very happy guy.  The artist is Parov Stelar, the song The Paris Swing Box.



Blog Changes – Spring Cleaning

The Jack Pine (1916–1917) by Tom Thomson, from...
The Jack Pine (1916–1917) by Tom Thomson, from the National Gallery of Canada http://national.gallery.ca/ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All of a sudden, the time I used to have has evaporated into the Spring air.  Some of you may have noticed me missing from both posting and commenting.  This is a result of living in the world’s greatest country, Canada, where we live for summer, the best 4 months of the year.   I will be making some adjustments to my post schedule and consolidating my posting here on Is It Possible To See It All.  If you follow The Real Canadian Music Blog, I will be re-blogging any music posts to that site.  My post schedule will be discarded for the summer and I hope to resume it in the fall. In the meantime, have a great summer.