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Talent Tuesday – New Canadian Releases – April 10, 2012

Light week, but an interesting one.

Gordon Pinsent
Gordon Pinsent (Photo credit: Yorkton Film Festival)

First up is something that is very, very Canadian.  Two institutions team up to release a CD.  Gordon Pinsent (actor) and Greg Keelor (from Blue Rodeo) put together a CD called “Down And Out In Upalong”.  Very much in the singer songwriter genre, Pinsent handled the writing and Greg handles the playing.  Good tune for you to listen to.

“Night Light”

A new release from a new band Eight and a Half is up next.  Formed by a coalition of former members of Broken Social Scene and The Stills, they put out an alternative sound that, frankly, is pretty good.  The disc is titled “Eight and a Half” and the song highlighted is “Go Ego”, done live on the Strombo show.

Bonnie Raitt at 1990 Grammy awards. Crop of Im...
Bonnie Raitt at 1990 Grammy awards. Crop of Image:Bonnie Raitt.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The international pick of the week comes from one my all-time favourites, Bonnie Raitt.  The album, “Slipstream” is a mix of reworked old and some new material.  Can’t say much, other than it is good to have some new material from one of the greats..

Right Down The Line

Talent Tuesday – New Canadian Releases – March 20, 2012

A bit of a slow week, made up for by a release by a band who I have enjoyed over the past few years.

Yukon Blonde plays Vancouver's Legendary Biltm...
Yukon Blonde plays Vancouver's Legendary Biltmore Cabaret (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That band is Yukon Blonde, out of Kelowna, BC and the album is “Tiger Talk”.   These guys have a bright future and I see them as a potential break out band in the next year or two.  This indie-rock band has a distinct style with some interesting guitar riffs.


I like them enough to post a second tune.  This one was recorded live at CBC.

My Girl

The other release is an EP by singer-songwriter “Grey Kingdom”.  They have a definite folk feel to their music.  The EP is titled The Weeping Suns and has 4 songs. This tune is performed live.

Broken Beds

The Shins London Forum 28 March 2007
The Shins London Forum 28 March 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My international release of the week is by The Shins.  They hail from Albuquerque, New Mexico and have been playing and releasing albums since 1992.  What attracted me to this album “Port of Morrow” was a tune called “Simple Song”.  I have heard this during my commute and it is quickly growing on me.  Enjoy a potential Top 10 of 2012.

Simple Song

Talent Tuesday – New Canadian Releases – March 13, 2012

First up, we will take a quick look at Brigitte M.  A French-Canadian star out of Quebec, Brigitte M released “From Metal To Crystal”.  The song attached is an interesting take of “I Was Made For Loving You”.

“I Was Made For Loving You”

Joel Plaskett Emergency Playing the Aliant Stage
Image via Wikipedia

Our second release this evening is a unique project from Maritimer, Joel Plaskett.  The album “Scrappy Happiness” is the culmination of 10 weeks of recording and releasing one new song per week.  I have been an avid  listener of CBC Radio Drive for the past couple of months to catch the newest release.  This song is my favourite (so far).

“Lightning Bolt”

Our 3rd band is out Vancouver.  Chains of Love are an Alternative band with some fire.  Nice live song.  The album is called “Strange Grey Days” and this song is from it.

“Lies, Lies, Lies”

English: , Canadian music singer
Johnny Reid Image via Wikipedia

I saved the best for last.  Johnny Reid has released his latest “Fire It Up”.  It is country, but very good country.  This is his 7th album and is the followup to his wildly successful double platinum “A Place Called Love”.

“Fire It Up”

Janiva Magness
Janiva Magness Image via Wikipedia

My international pick for the week in by Janiva Magness.  She just released “Stronger For It”.  She is one of the finer blues singers around and has honed her craft for almost 30 years.  Listen, then buy this album.

“I Won’t Cry”

Talent Tuesday New Canadian Releases – March 6, 2012

A busy week so let’s get to it.

The Evaporators
The Evaporators (Photo credit: eych-you-bee-ee-ahr-tee)

First up we have veteran Vancouver punk band, The Evaporators.  They have been kicking around the music scene since 1986.  “Busy Doing Nothing” is their 6th release and first since 2007.  They are joined on the album by The Cribs, Kate Nash, Franz Ferdinand and Fuad & the Feztones.

Hate Being Late

Next we have the anxiously awaited (by me) album by Said The Whale.

Said the Whale at Live at Squamish
Image via Wikipedia

Canada’s Juno award winner in 2011 for New Group have released “Little Mountain”. This is their 3 album to go along with 9 EPs.  The band is based in Vancouver.

Heavy Ceiling

Our 3rd album is from Calgary alternative band The Ramblin Ambassadors.  Have to plug the hometown boys.  Check out the dancers, really loving the tune they are.

The Savage

The last Canadian release for the week country singer, Gord Bamford.

Life Is Good (Gord Bamford album)
Image via Wikipedia

He released his 5th album with my new favourite drinking song “Is It Friday Yet”.  My blogging buddy EG may want to use this as his Friday theme song, no need to thank me.

The featured international album is the new release by Andrew Bird, “Break It Yourself”.

English: Andrew Bird
Image via Wikipedia

Andrew is an intriguing musician as shown by this live version of “Desperation Breeds”.

Desperation Breeds

Listening to Foster The People

Mittwoch ist heute,
Image by baerchen57 via Flickr

This song is kind of a hoot.  The band, Foster The People, is an indie pop band out of California.  They enjoyed success with the song “Pumped Up Kicks”, the video for which is attached.  Released in early 2011, the song is infectious and could almost be called a perfect summer song.  It reached number one on several charts, including Canada.  I enjoy the song, but not as much as Lori, who really likes the beat and, for some reason, really likes saying “pumped up kicks”