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Song Of The Day – John Butler Trio – “Better Than”

John Butler Trio
John Butler Trio (Photo credit: Devar)

Today’s tune is one I heard on another of my favourite in-car stations on the drive to work, CKUA.  The song, “Better Than” is from a 2007 album by the John Butler Trio.  The album is called “Grand National”.  The band, oddly enough, was formed in Australia in 1999 by, wait for it, John Butler.  The play a roots style, heavy on the jamming.  This tune had me tapping the steering wheel, so I had to share it.  They have released 5 studio albums and 3 live albums and are perennial nominees for the ARIA and APRA awards in Australia.   Hit the links for more info.

John Butler Trio Home Page

John Butler Trio on iTunes

John Butler Trio on Amazon

Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 16

The Real Canadian Music Blog

Another interesting set, from movie music to classic rock, some surprisingly good stuff.

1. Pukka Orchestra

“Listen to the Radio”

An interesting new wavish rock song from 1984 by the band with the sick name.  They released 3 albums in the 80’s and the early 90’s and broke up in 1992.

2. David Foster

“St. Elmo’s Fire Theme”

One of Canada’s major exports, David Foster, composed this song as the theme song from St Elmo’s Fire in 1985.  The song was originally written for Rick Hansen‘s “Man in Motion” tour of the world for spinal research.

3. Three Days Grace

“I Hate Everything About You”

Three Days Grace make another appearance in the list with their classic song “I Hate Everything About You”.  They definitely let loose their angst in this one.

4. Corey Hart

“In Your Soul”

A classic from Corey Hart.  He doesn’t wear…

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Fare Thee Well

After playing with the 2 blog idea for a year or so, I have decided to fold this one up.  It will still be here, but will go dark.  I may come back to it someday, but I doubt it.  If you want the name for your own blog, let me know via comment and I’ll try to accommodate the request.  In the meantime, I have transferred all post to my main blog at Is It Possible To See It All

If you are following, I suggest deleting this and follow me at the link above.  The music I post will not change or lessen, it will just be mixed in with everything else I post.

As an aside, if you are considering 2 blogs, don’t do it.  Splitting your energy never works haha.

Thanks for the support and hope to see you.



Time For A Reassessment

Peart (right) performing with Rush. Français :...
Peart (right) performing with Rush. Français : Rush en concert à Milan (Italie), le 21 septembre 2004 Italiano: I Rush in concerto a Milano (21 settebre 2004) da sinistra:Lifeson, Lee e Peart. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’ve pondered the blog over the past week and I have concluded that I have strayed a bit from what I originally wanted.  The intent was to spend the bulk of my time promoting Canadian music, new and old.  I think I have gotten lazy though and have taken the easy way out lol.  Lots of throw away posts, which obviously are fun to do when busy.  I now intend to get back to where I was going in the past, a Real Canadian Music Blog.  Thanks for listening.


Keep an eye out tomorrow for a review of an up and coming Canadian star, and his new album,