Taken From My Shazam – CSN&Y

I have no clue as to why I Shazamed this one, a great song, and I know it well.  “Our House” is a 1970 song recorded by Crosby Stills Nash & Young and was released as a single from the 1970 album “Déjà Vu”.  This was their second album, their first with Neil Young as a member.

The song was written by Graham Nash.  The song made it to number 30 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.  Besides Neil Young, there is another Canadian connection, as Graham was living with Joni Mitchell at the time.

Here is a quote by Graham from an interview with Terry Gross in October 2013:

“Well, it’s an ordinary moment. What happened is that Joni [Mitchell] and I – I don’t know whether you know anything about Los Angeles, but on Ventura Boulevard in the Valley, there’s a very famous deli called Art’s Deli. And we’d been to breakfast there. We’re going to get into Joan’s car, and we pass an antique store. And we were looking in the window, and she saw a very beautiful vase that she wanted to buy … I persuaded her to buy this vase. It wasn’t very expensive, and we took it home. It was a very grey, kind of sleety, drizzly L.A. morning. And we got to the house in Laurel Canyon, and I said – got through the front door and I said, you know what? I’ll light a fire. Why don’t you put some flowers in that vase that you just bought? Well, she was in the garden getting flowers. That meant she was not at her piano, but I was … And an hour later ‘Our House’ was born, out of an incredibly ordinary moment that many, many people have experienced.”

The full interview is available here.


Here is “Our House” off YouTube:

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