Canada’s Number One Song And Album – June 6, 2014

Conor Oberst
Cover of Conor Oberst

A treat this week.  CBC2 has a new number one, Sam Smith and his great new song “Stay With Me”.  Taken from his début album, “In The Lonely Hour”, it is a wonderfully constructed song, highlighted by Sam’s terrific vocals.  This is one song where you can ruminate over your past and remember these times in your life when you indeed, wonder!  The song has taken CBC by storm (the top 20 is listener generated by online voting), having only been released a few weeks ago.  Enjoy!!


The number one album this week on CKUA is by Conor Oberst.  The album is titled “Upside Down Mountain”.  Conor is best known for his work with Bright Eyes.  He is a very talented singer-songwriter out of Omaha, Nebraska.  The song I have chosen to show is “Zigzagging Toward The Light”.  A very interesting video. If you get tired of waiting for the music, it starts at the 2:30 mark.  worth the wait.




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7 responses to “Canada’s Number One Song And Album – June 6, 2014”

    • Isn’t he great though. I listen to radio about an hour a day or so, commuting. This song comes on and I broke the law hitting my phone to Shazam it. Love it when that happens.


      • *LOL* Well I think he’s amazing! Isn’t it wonderful to find a new artist that is phenomenal? I mean, it seems rather rare these days (I sound about 105, don’t I?) *grin* Cher xo


        • I used to think that, other than the top 40 stuff. Then came cbc2, Twitter, Google+, soundcloud etc etc. finding new stuff is a lot easier. Finding really great new stuff is the hard part. Canada and England are leading the way right now though.


          • That’s excellent to hear (literally!) *grin* I’m so glad Canada and England are leading the way! Yeay! I make it a habit of pointing out Canadian artists and/or actors to folks here in Chicago. I regularly say something like, “Did you hear that song? He’s Canadian, you know!” 🙂 Cher xo


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