Random Songs From My Phone – Hayley Sales – Simple Song

Hayley Sales 02 of 08
(Photo credit: Aaron G Stock)


Hayley Sales is a Canadian/American singer songwriter.  Born in DC, she moved with her family to Vancouver Island after she graduated the Northwest Academy.  The song that I shuffled up is off her 2010 album, “When The Bird Became The Book” and is called “Simple Song”.  This is the only video that comes up and is off her YouTube channel.  Very good video, homemade and all.  Lori and I have spent a lot time listening to this album and her first one titled “Sunseed”.  Like her a lot, great light, well written music.



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12 responses to “Random Songs From My Phone – Hayley Sales – Simple Song”

  1. My visit and follow can be attributed to El Guapo! 🙂 Hes referred to me to a few blogs. He;d be rich is Blogger Commision existed eh.. lol

    Great song – am on my way to download it now and shared on Twitter too 🙂

    Lovely to meet you, I’m Lou, Australian and mostly wonderful!



    • Guap is a great guy. Follow lots based on his recommendation as well. Just split music off to here recently. Have a “main” blog at joebeans2002.com. Is it possible to see it all. And Oz is on the list. Have friends and relatives from port Hedland to Tasmania. Have to get there someday.


      • I agree!

        I will check out your other blog as well – Thanks for sharing 🙂

        I;m usually not around too much, life keeps stealing me away.

        Its beautiful here! 🙂 (in Australia) – though its a wello set out bloggie too! Lol


        Miss Lou


        • I go in spurts as well. Life gets I’m the way. Ski season here in Calgary so miss a few days here and there. I see I already follow you. Have to pop in more often and visit. Thanks for popping in. Any friend of Dave is a friend of mine.


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