Unusual Cover Versions – “Light My Fire”

I Get the Sweetest Feeling
I Get the Sweetest Feeling (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Playing with YouTube this morning and got inspired to note some, what some may think, unusual covers of some great songs.  To qualify as an unusual cover, it must be a reasonably famous original redone by reasonably famous act.  My first attempt into the world of unusual covers is one done by soul great, Jackie Wilson.  Jackie has a resounding resume of hits, dating back to the 1950’s.  He died in 1984, leaving a legacy that included such hits as Lonely Teardrops and Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher.  He also left us this cover of The Doors classic, Light My Fire.  He recorded it in 1969.  Check it out.

And for comparison, here is the Doors performing the song live on The Ed Sullivan Show.

9 responses to “Unusual Cover Versions – “Light My Fire””

  1. Great choice! Love Jackie’s cover of this song. It’s interesting how many soul or R&B style covers have been done for Light My Fire. Etta James, James Brown, Al Green, Stevie Wonder to name but a few. I guess the best songs can work in so many different ways.


  2. For the record, I am not a Doors fan (but my wife loves them).
    I like that cover more than the original.

    Just heard this earlier today while looking for something else. Not, I think, an unusual cover. But a great one.


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