Remembering Clarence Burke Jr

Clarence Burke

Clarence Burke Jr passed away on May 25th, he was 62.  He was a singer, songwriter and guitarist with 1970’s family band “The Five Stairsteps“.  The band was best known for it’s hit “O-o-h Child“, a song rated at 392 on Rolling Stone’s Top 500 of All time.  The video below is the band on “Soul Train“.

7 responses to “Remembering Clarence Burke Jr”

  1. Not sure why, but the song made me think of Smokey Robinson.
    Great band.
    Listening to Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughn right now besides this, so I guess I’m in a reflective musical mood.

    (And Soul Train? Wow!)


    • I’ve been in a reflective mood for weeks now as the inevitable draws closer. Good night with the tunes though. Not the first time I’ve pulled up some Soul Train on these posts. Great show in it’s day. This song was not in my wheelhouse in 1970 (Zep and Purple for me then) but it sure sounds good now. Reading the history of the Burke family and they could have been the Jacksons, a lot of talent there. Found this one too. Would have loved to lucked out on this guy day in a small club somewhere.


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