Song Of The Day – Donovan Woods – “Put On Cologne”

Donovan Woods
Donovan Woods

I’m going to give you a 2fer today.  Donovan Woods is a Canadian singer-songwriter out of Sarnia. Ontario.  This song, “Put On Cologne” is off his 3rd album, “Don’t Get Too Grand”.  I say a 2fer as I found a live version that I thought was very good and put it up first, followed by a studio version.  I really enjoyed the live version, great voice used by a very unpretentious artist in a very casual setting = GOLD.

Donovan Woods on Twitter

Donovan Woods on CBC Music

Donovan Woods on iTunes


The Live Version:

The Studio Version:


5 responses to “Song Of The Day – Donovan Woods – “Put On Cologne””

    • Agree. I put up the live one as I really liked the casual approach he took. He is starting to gather a following up here. The live him may be a contributing factor. Work hard, play well and good things can happen.


      • The problem with live is usually the recording devices and acoustics. What I like catching is how artists seem to play a little faster live, especially solo artists. How they play live is a huge factor in this day and age. That’s what a lot of pro writers base their articles on. Sound and audience response.


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