Remembering Reg Presley

With a Girl like You

With a Girl like You (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reg Presley passed away on February 4, 2013.  Reg was an English singer and songwriter, best known as the lead singer for 19560’s band The Troggs.  They has several hits back in the day, but the one he will be most remembered for will be “Wild Thing“.  The band also had a major hit with “With A Girl Like You”.  Both are linked  below.  He was also an author, writing “Wild Things They Don’t Tell Us”, a book about lost civilizations etc. Another piece of my youth has left us.

And a bonus, the answer to who originally did Wet Wet Wet’s 1994 hit “Love Is All Around”.

10 thoughts on “Remembering Reg Presley

        • Did here finally to. Snow is gone yahoo. Been to Winnipeg last weekend. Another reason why I haven’t been around. Lori’s 93 year old mom is terminal. She is there for the duration. I’m heading when I can. Summer is on the way though and we have some nebulous plans. Glad your mood is improving.


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