Song Of The Day – Regina Spektor – “The Calculation”

Regina Spektor playing in the West London Syna...
Regina Spektor playing in the West London Synagogue, February 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Dropping by to say hi, another crazy day.  Today we have Moscow born, now New Yorker (with stops in Italy and Austria) singer songwriter, Regina Spektor, with her great tune “The Calculation”.  This version is live and in glorious HD from London, UK.  Great song from a highly under rated artist.




9 responses to “Song Of The Day – Regina Spektor – “The Calculation””

        • Thanks. Out of the saddle until Sunday night maybe. Flyito Winnipeg in the morning, then back to Calgary Sunday afternoon. Wife’s mother is very sick, likely only a couple of weeks left. She is there and will be till the end, I am just spending the weekend and then back when the badness happens. Tough stretch for blogging lately. Lots to talk about when I am back again though. My apologies for not being the faithfu lreader i usually am.


          • Hey, ground life always takes precedence. This will always be here for ya. Take care of your loved ones. I am sorry to hear that, and I will add your family to my prayer list. Your wife needs you more than ever. I lost my father 12 years ago and the only thing worse, was losing my wife to another man, although the pain from losing my father is still there. Just take care of business, man this world will still be here when your ready.


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