Song Of The Day – The Monkees – “Goin’ Down”

The Best of The Monkees
The Best of The Monkees (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been a tough week.  Been to busy to sit at the keyboard, with more hecticness to come. Blogging will be slow until next week.  Having said that, we did find time to finish off Breaking Bad to current.  Heard this song on the credits(great show for music) and had to smile.  I mean, The Monkees!!.  Still, a great song, good enough to make song of the day.

4 thoughts on “Song Of The Day – The Monkees – “Goin’ Down””

    1. It won’t anytime soon. Depressing enough to come back to 25cm of snow, then we get news that Lori’s mother is terminal, maybe 2 weeks. She is 93, but wow. Anyway, Lori flew to Winnipeg on Monday to be with her and I’m flying out on Saturday, then back to Calgary, then back again when the inevitable occurs. Tough time for Lori and her family and obviously me and our sons.


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