Song Of The Day – Wilco – “I Might”

Wilco at Austin City Limits Fest Sep 2004
Wilco at Austin City Limits Fest Sep 2004 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chicago based Wilco performed this song “I Might” on Letterman a few years back.  Together since 1994, they might be the best to never hit major mainstream success. This is not to say the have not been successful.  The have had some number 1’s, and might be, as Rolling Stone once said. America’s most consistently interesting band.  They have also been labelled as the Radiohead of the USA.  They keep putting em out, and we keep listening.

13 responses to “Song Of The Day – Wilco – “I Might””

  1. My son knows the band! He goes to their living room concerts all the time in Chicago. We’ve got Wilco concert posters all over the house. Jeff Tweedy ran into my son in London and gave him his email because he thought he could get him a job. Jeff Tweedy is super nice, they all are. Cool band. Great song.


  2. I can’t believe I saw these guys for free in college. It’s always been a mystery to me why they haven’t reached mainstream success. Which isn’t to say they aren’t successful, of course. Maybe it’s better that way.


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