Song Of The Day – The Guess Who – Running Back To Saskatoon

Broadway Bridge and the Central Business Distr...
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It’s theme week on Song Of The Day.  The theme, songs about Canadian cities.  Winnipeg.  Check.  Montreal.  Check.  Now it is time for SaskatoonThe Guess Who did this one way back in 1972.  As an added city bonus, the song also has references to Moosomin, Moose Jaw, Broadview in Saskatchewan, Red Deer, Hanna and Medicine Hat in Alberta, Terrace in BC and for some reason Hong Kong.  No idea why Hong Kong.  The other towns would all be familiar to Winnipeg bands playing the Western Canadian pub and club circuit.  Enjoy the classic “Running Back To Saskatoon”.



Song Of The Day – Raine Maida – “Montreal”

Raine Maida performing with Our Lady Peace in ...
Raine Maida performing with Our Lady Peace in 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I did a song yesterday on Winnipeg, so let’s call this a theme week and do songs about Canadian cities.  Today is a new song from the front man of Our Lady Peace, a very good Canadian group.  He is married to a Winnipeger (nice segue from yesterday’s tune), Chantal Kreviazuk.  Chantal is a formidable artist in her own right.  This tune “Montreal” is a recently released single and is off his solo album, new this year, “We All Get Lighter”.

Raine Maida on CBC

Song Of The Day – The Weakerthans – “One Great City”

English: The Weakerthans performing on Decembe...
English: The Weakerthans performing on December 22nd, 2007 at Burton Cummings Theatre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Category:Indie rock groups Category:Musical groups from Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A Winnipeger is allowed to speak of Winnipeg in whatever way one wants to.  This song, “One Great City”, by Winnipeg band The Weakerthans, is literally a love/hate song of our mutual home town.  The band formed in 1997.  They are an Alt band with some punk roots.  This song is both melodic and ironic.  It was on their 2003 album “Reconstruction”.  A bit different that what I have featured lately, but, heard it on the drive today and had to post it.


The Weakerthans Home Page


The Weakerthans on CBC


The Weakerthans on iTunes



Song Of The Day – Mo Kenney – “Sucker’

Mo Kenney
Mo Kenney (Photo credit: Mira Shemeikka)

I originally posted this as one of my 2012 favourites and have chosen to go back to it as it deserves its own place here.  Mo Kenney is a rising artist out of Nova Scotia, Canada.  She is but 22, yet has played and recorded since 14.  This song has put her on the map somewhat up here in Canada, and should receive more recognition elsewhere.  The video is a duet with another terrific talent, Joel Plaskett and recorded live at CBC.  The song has an interesting feel to it in my mind.  Very subtle, yet powerful, very simple yet unique.

Mo Kenney Home

Mo Kenney on Twitter

Mo Kenney on iTunes



Song Of The Day – Luke Nicholson – “Just Fell Down”

Canadian Luke Nicholson released his new album “Mad Love” in late 2012.  “Just Fell Down” is a recent release off the record.  As seems to be the norm for me, I just heard this on CBC2 this morning and couldn’t wait to post it for you.  He has been playing and recording for 15 years and is now seeing his hard work move him forward.  Great song.  Has a nice pop feel,almost English and a very good chorus.

Luke Nicholson Home

Luke Nicholson on iTunes

Luke Nicholson on CBC