Remembering Von Freeman

von freeman have no fear
von freeman have no fear (Photo credit: cultchas)


Tenor jazz saxophone player Von Feeman died on August 11, 2012 at 88.  I love Saxophone and jazz, together a deadly combination.  Von was one of the great innovators and creators of this sound in, what is known as, the Chicago School.  I have attached 2 videos, one is live in Chicago in 1988, the second is Von playing last year at almost 90.  Incredible sound, great player.



and the second



4 responses to “Remembering Von Freeman”

    • Definitely. We were out a few years back at a supper club here and were expecting dueling pianos. Instead we got a guy like this, 70ish guy. Sonny Rhodes was his name. Backed up by a terrific band. Magnificent evening. Just got to watch for them or get lucky.


    • I read about Chico. Thanks for that. I’ll be looking him up for a listen. Been getting into brass jazz lately. Donald Byrd. Trombone shorty and abram Wilson are recent purchases.


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