Artists From Twitter – Paige Michael

I received a follow and an email from a young talent last week, Paige Michael.  She wrote:


“I am 13 years old from Port Perry, Ontario and I am a singer/songwriter. I co-write my songs with my friend Carly Macdougall who is also thirteen. I have recorded two tracks so far and I am actually in the studio recording a third.  I have been only been doing this for six months but the response had been awesome.  I am getting airplay on the Internet and in Australia and the UK but no support here in Canada.  I really love what I am doing and hope to make it a career because I want to earn my living doing something that I love.”

“I also wanted to share with you that I received above average scores on my Factor Canada funding submission, and received the following feedback from the judging panel:

“spectacular voice,” “amazing talent at this age,” and “big things to come from her”  

As you all know, I support Canadian talent at every opportunity, with one proviso, they need to be good.  After listening to Paige, she qualifies.  Great voice, and 13.  I have suits older than that.  Listen to the attached video.  Then agree with me.

Paige Michael on iTunes

Paige Michael on Twitter

Paige Michael Home

10 responses to “Artists From Twitter – Paige Michael”

  1. Well bugger me, I heard this exact song, not three days ago on the wireless on an easy listening show. She ain’t a half bad singer, if she gets the big break, Paige will go a fair distance with it.


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