Remembering Jon Lord

Deep Purple
Deep Purple (Photo credit: daniconil)

July 16, saw the passing of rock keyboard innovator, Jon Lord.  He was 71.  Best known as one of the founding members of 70’s icons, Deep Purple, he also played with Whitesnake.  He played on the classic song by The Kinks, “You Really Got Me“.  He was on albums by David Gilmour and George Harrison.  He virtually created the riffs used to this day by keyboardists in all types of popular music.

In my life, Deep Purple was one of the bands that formed my musical tastes.  Machine Head is still an album that makes me perk up and listen.  I will never forget Smoke On The Water or Highway Star, which are very much a part of the soundtrack of my life.  The band in heaven just got a bit better.

Highway Star

Smoke On The Water


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