Listening To I.V. Webb

I V Webb

While perusing my email, I came across a missive from Sarah T, asking if I could listen to some music from American artist I.V. Webb.  I did, and now I post.  I love listening to all music, and especially love stepping out of the mainstream and giving due to the myriad of outstanding artists in the world.  I.V. is now placed on that list.  The world of social media has indeed made the world of music a much more interesting place.

First, a bit about I.V..  This was taken from her website.

“I.V. Webb, native of New York, resident in London, a beautiful, unique and sometimes haunting voice that belongs everywhere, driven by restless, universal feelings. Deeply emotional, never sentimental, her work recalls not only the hues and shades but more importantly the pure spirit of greats such as Patti Smith, Sandy Denny and Chrissie Hynde.
Far from the formula of pop, sometimes calling on the bittersweet electric folk of underground Manhattan or windswept Celtic romance, her spiraling songs and poignant vocals are both testament to her skill and testimony of her experience.”

Lets listen to a couple of tunes.

This tune is titled “Speechless”

An interesting song, that builds as it goes.

The second song is called “In Mind”

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