Listening To Canadians – The Deep Dark Woods

deep dark woods
deep dark woods (Photo credit: catechism)


The Deep Dark Woods are another band out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan that I spent some evenings listening to at Bud’s On Broadway.  This particular song was written for a CBC project in 2009 called The Great Canadian Songquest.  Charlie’s (is coming down) is performed live in this version.  Ah, memories.



11 thoughts on “Listening To Canadians – The Deep Dark Woods”

  1. Really enjoy them… but never loved this song. Was so disappointed when I first heard it. Was such a great contest CBC had. Was somewhat offended when the band said they had only been at the bar once many years earlier!


    1. That’s to bad. I’ve never been there, but I heard it was classic. I kind of agree but I heard it driving home today and had to play it. Good band in general, and while not their best, it has a great story line.


      1. It was a classic. Bet 90% of Regina people have at least one story about the place. Drive past the empty lot every day. The development company that bought it ran out of money to build the condos they tore it down for…..


          1. This development group. Sat for ages before it was demolished and been staring at the empty lot for over a year now… chain link fence and torn weathered signs with pictures of a condo that I am starting to doubt will ever be built


      1. Charlie’s closed in 2010. Deep dark woods formed in 2005 I believe. They hardly played in Saskatoon when I lived there. They got pretty big in a hurry. Jack Semple is from Regina and we saw him all the time. Don’t think it matters how often they played there. They wrote a song and it was a good story.


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