Listening To Canadians – The Deep Dark Woods

deep dark woods
deep dark woods (Photo credit: catechism)


The Deep Dark Woods are another band out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan that I spent some evenings listening to at Bud’s On Broadway.  This particular song was written for a CBC project in 2009 called The Great Canadian Songquest.  Charlie’s (is coming down) is performed live in this version.  Ah, memories.



11 responses to “Listening To Canadians – The Deep Dark Woods”

  1. Really enjoy them… but never loved this song. Was so disappointed when I first heard it. Was such a great contest CBC had. Was somewhat offended when the band said they had only been at the bar once many years earlier!


    • That’s to bad. I’ve never been there, but I heard it was classic. I kind of agree but I heard it driving home today and had to play it. Good band in general, and while not their best, it has a great story line.


      • Charlie’s closed in 2010. Deep dark woods formed in 2005 I believe. They hardly played in Saskatoon when I lived there. They got pretty big in a hurry. Jack Semple is from Regina and we saw him all the time. Don’t think it matters how often they played there. They wrote a song and it was a good story.


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