Listening To Canadians – Scotty Newlands

Toronto born Canadian pop-rocker, Scotty Newlands has recently released a new disc titled “Starting Over”.  He was kind enough to send a copy of the album for me to review.  First, a bit of history behind the singer.

As noted, he was born in Toronto and has travelled a winding road to this point in his career.  His musical journey started out like many others.  The school choir and an introduction to an instrument at an early age.  In this case, he was 8 and began playing the clarinet.  In 2003 he was one of thousands to audition for Canadian Idol.  While he failed to make the final 11, he did gain valuable experience and contacts.  He released his first album, “New Roads” in 2009.

The album has a definite pop feel to it, heavily accented by a great singing voice.  Scotty shows great potential in this song.  It holds up well with comparable artists and should be be getting some airtime.  All in all, a nice listen.

The first song I have featured off the disc is titled “Don’t Wanna Get Over You”.  A nicely constructed tune, it features a strong vocal performance by the artist.

Don’t Wanna Get Over You

The second tune is called “Now That You’re Gone”.  This song features a repetitive back beat and again shows off Scotty’s range.  He advertises a 4 octave range and you can hear them in this song.  Very nice tone.

Now that You’re Gone

I’m liked the album in general and see something in Scotty that I really like.  If you want more, please hit the links.

Scotty on iTunes

Scotty’s Home Page

Scotty on Twitter


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