Song Of The Day – Remembering Chuck Brown


wind me up chuck
wind me up chuck (Photo credit: firmleague)

On May 16, the Father of Go-Go, Chuck Brown passed away at the age of 75.  The Father of Go-Go.  Why?  The man was a DC legend, defining and perfecting his take on the genre.  He died as the acknowledged leader in this form of music.  Another great player who helped shape our musical world in a fairly anonymous way.

If you are a Washington Nationals fan, you will recognize this one.  Bustin’ Loose is played when the Nats hit a home run.

Bustin’ Loose

Cover of
Cover of The Other Side

Chuck’s legacy includes stints with Jerry Butler, and with the Soul Searchers.  He also recorded an album “The Other Side“, with one of my favourites, Eva Cassidy in 1992.  This record is a keeper.  Eva could sing the phone book.  Here is a tune off it.

Need Your Love So Bad

His other notable contribution to the world of entertainment was performing the theme song to the “Sinbad’ TV show.

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