Music Trivia Question for the Day


Cover of
Cover of Otis Blue: Sings Soul

My last question from what seems like weeks ago (and was):

Q: Who wrote and recorded the first version of “Respect“?

We all know the very famous version by Aretha Franklin (shown here is a live version from 1968 in Stockholm, Sweden)

The answer though is, Otis Redding.  He wrote and recorded this in 1965.  You can find it on his album “Otis Blue“.  The song was not released as a single.  When Otis heard Aretha’s version, his comment was “That little girl stole my song”.

Here is Otis singing his song.

Now for a new trivia question to ponder until I pop in again with a new one.

Q: Everyone knows the George Harrison song “Got My Mind Set On You”.  Who originally recorded it.  For bonus points, who wrote it.

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5 responses to “Music Trivia Question for the Day”

  1. I was a kid when this was all happening, and I think back to those days with awe. It was all new to them and us. Amazing time when everything music was fresh and intense. This was a great example and watching the live clips really says it all bout the passion. Phenomenal, both of them, and both songs are as well.


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