Song Of The Day – Alabama Shakes – “Hold On”


Aerial image of in Athens, Alabama, United States
Aerial image of in Athens, Alabama, United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey y’all.  How you been.  I have enjoyed major summer and have barely had time to read and comment let alone post.  Figured that this tune was a good segue to getting back on the keyboard.  The Alabama Shakes are a band out of Athens, Alabama (not Georgia, nor Greece) with an outstanding album released in April of 2012.  Instant classic????  I vote yes.  Remind me of Black Keys with a dose of Sheepdogs.

Hope to post a few things in the coming few weeks, then get back on the beam full-time again in September.

Alabama Shakes Home Page

Alabama Shakes on Facebook

Alabama Shakes on Bandcamp

Hold On

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4 responses to “Song Of The Day – Alabama Shakes – “Hold On””

  1. The Black Keys comparison is on target. I just recently got into Alabama Shakes, and I can’t…shake…the tunes. That was awful. 🙂

    Brittany Howard’s voice is AWESOME. Her deep blues croon is tremendous


  2. Black Keys and The Sheepdogs…very interesting! I just recently started listening to The Sheepdogs. Really cool band! I just saw Alabama Shakes last weekend and gotta say, Brittany Howard is really amazing! She’s got the “it” factor.


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