Song Of The Day – Amos Lee – Jesus

Amos Lee (album)
Amos Lee (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Amos Lee is another of my favorites.  My only issue with him is that I have found his albums to be inconsistent.  In other words, he doesn’t hit my mark all the time, but when he does, it is very good.  He is out of Philadelphia and has recorded 4 albums.  I highly recommend the first (self titled) and the most recent.  All have some excellent tracks.  This cut is off his new album “Mission Bell” and is a live version of “Jesus”.

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Trivia Question of the Day

Who was the first American pop band to tour the Soviet Union

The last Question answered

Q. What was the first “rock” double album?

A: Bob Dylan’s “Blonde On Blonde” in 1966

Song Of The Day – Edwyn Collins – “A Girl Like You”

A Girl Like You (Edwyn Collins song)
A Girl Like You (Edwyn Collins song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lets dip into the past and visit the 90’s. Always liked this one. A Girl Like You was released in 1994 by Scottish artist Edwyn Collins and had great success in both the USA and the UK, reaching #4 on Billboard. The song (and artists) are classic one hit wonder material, meaning, an extremely talented musician with many good albums to his credit, caught he world’s imagination only once. Check out his other material.

Edwyn Collins Home Page

A Girl Like You

Song Of The Day – Remembering Charles Pitts

Trivia at the end of the post.

Skip Pitts
Skip Pitts (Photo credit: Paul Lowry)

On May 1, music lost a true giant, Charles Pitts.  He was 65 and suffered from cancer.  Charles was a renowned soul and blues guitarist.  His major accomplishments included playing with Al Green and Cyndi Lauper on their Grammy nominated albums, a session player at Stax Records, and his time with Isaac Hayes.  He played with Hayes for 30 years and created the wah-wah at the beginning of the “Theme from Shaft“.  Other credits include backing Sam and Dave, Wilson Pickett, Gene Chandler and the Isley Brothers (he created the riff in It’s Your Thing).  An outstanding career.  His legacy will stay with us forever.

Theme From Shaft

It’s Your Thing

Trivia Question of the Day

What was the first “rock” double album?

The last Question answered

Q. What was the first double album?

A: Benny Goodman‘s “Live At Carnegie Hall” in 1938.

English: Benny Goodman in concert 1971
English: Benny Goodman in concert 1971 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The winner (although admitting it was googled) is A Gripping Life.  She has a terrific blog with a mix of movies and music and miscellany.

Sing Sing Sing

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Song Of The Day – David Gray – “Sail Away”

No trivia question today for this one.

Sail Away (David Gray song)
Sail Away (David Gray song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

David Gray’s tune “Sail Away” is a metaphor for a lot of things. While the song has more to do with relationships, it also conjures up some beautiful visions of idyllically cruising the seven seas, and does so based on the tune and the use of the title prominently throughout the song. All the above aside, it is a remarkable song that can sweep you away into your thoughts. One of my all time favorites.

David Gray Home

Sail Away

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Song Of The Day – Remembering Edith Bliss

Divisional Trivia trophy
This will have to do until I find a better one

Trivia Question of the Day

What was the first foreign song to hit #1 on the Billboard Pop Chart?

The last Question answered

Who was the first singer to refuse a Grammy?

Sinead O’Connor in 1990.  Strange person, great singer.  Lizziecracked is the first holder of the Trivia Championship Trophy, and will hold until I post the answer to the new question.  Lizziecracked runs a great blog that everyone, contrary to belief, should try at home, called Running Naked With Scissors.

Edith Bliss

Australian singer Edith Bliss passed away on May 3.  She was 52, far to young.  Edith had a couple of hits in 1979 and 1980, including “If It’s Love You Want”, her biggest hit.  She ended her singing career in 1980 and became a reporter.  In 2006 she appeared on Wheel of Fortune.

“If It’s Love You Want”

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