Song Of The Day – California Wives – “Marianne”

Chicago based California Wives have a new single out called Marianne.  The video is a live version which definitely showcases their abilities.  While it is Indie-pop, it is a refreshing blend that I am still looking to put my fingers  on.  I hear lots of influences in this song.  There is a short interview at the start and the song itself builds in momentum as it goes.

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2 responses to “Song Of The Day – California Wives – “Marianne””

  1. Excellent pick, John.I see what you mean about the something different.
    I’m going to be checking out some more from these guys. Curious to hear if this is their sound, or a one off.


    • Let me know what you find I got busy and meant to go back and do some more listening. Good song though. Drummer got a workout. Still puzzling me though. I think I have them pegged like some 80’s group then they switch it up a bit and I’m lost again.


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