Song Of The Day – Kimbra – “Settle Down”


Now that I am back from my first round of golf for the season, it is time for some Kimbra.  At the moment, she maybe the biggest unknown singer on the planet, in most circles.  The reason you ask, simple.  You have probably heard a little ditty called “Somebody That I Used To know” by Gotye.  The female singer is Kimbra.  She hails from New Zealand and has quite the career going for her even without appearing in this tune.  The track here is a live version of one of her hits “Settle Down” as performed at SXSW.

Kimbra Homepage

Settle Down

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4 responses to “Song Of The Day – Kimbra – “Settle Down””

  1. She creates a nice layering, but overall, I’m still torn on loop effects. I think KT Tunstall does a great job with them, but here, there’s sort of a forced tension that just leaves me unsettled without feeling like I heard something that rewarded the dissonance with a great resolution…


    • If I was to compare to KT, I’d take KT every time, especially Eye To The Telescope. I liked it as it was different and live., and she has a good story. I think she had something to do with Forum 7 as well.


      • I’ll give more of her stuff a listen. But I just thought this was tense for the sake of tension without the payoff. I might just also be grumpy right now…


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