Blog Changes – Spring Cleaning

The Jack Pine (1916–1917) by Tom Thomson, from...
The Jack Pine (1916–1917) by Tom Thomson, from the National Gallery of Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All of a sudden, the time I used to have has evaporated into the Spring air.  Some of you may have noticed me missing from both posting and commenting.  This is a result of living in the world’s greatest country, Canada, where we live for summer, the best 4 months of the year.   I will be making some adjustments to my post schedule and consolidating my posting here on Is It Possible To See It All.  If you follow The Real Canadian Music Blog, I will be re-blogging any music posts to that site.  My post schedule will be discarded for the summer and I hope to resume it in the fall. In the meantime, have a great summer.

2 responses to “Blog Changes – Spring Cleaning”

  1. As I seem to be saying way too often as real life intrudes, have a great time doing what you do, and I look forward to seeing you whenever you’re around.


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