Talent Tuesday – New Canadian Releases – April 17, 2012

Quite the week, many, many releases to choose from.

Patrick Watson in Barcelona, Spain.
Patrick Watson in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We will start with Patrick Watson and his new release, Adventures In Your Own Backyard.  Montreal based band leader, Patrick Watson is an interesting musician.  He combines elements of classical with pieces of, lets say, Pink Floyd.  Very creative pieces of music in the indie/alternative mode.  He has released 4 albums with his band and has one solo record to his credit.  They were recent players at SXSW and were named one of the top 25 can’t miss acts at this years event.  The track I have chosen is titled “Lighthouse” and is a good example of the style that they play.


Sue Foley on the Hillside Festival Main Stage
Sue Foley on the Hillside Festival Main Stage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Next is a blues album by veteran players Sue Foley and Peter Karp.  Their new album “Beyond The Crossroads” is a collaboration of 2 solo talents.  Sue has been a mainstay of the Canadian blues scene since the 90’s while Peter is an American singer-songwriter,  He has shared the stage with such greats as Mick Taylor.  Together they create some pretty good blues.  This is their second release together.  Here is a live version of a tune off the album.

Now for some ROCK.   Toronto Alt-rock band Evans Blue released “Graveyard of Empires” this week.  The group has rocked since 2005, with Halo being their 4th release.  They have had some moderate success outside Canada and are hoping this album breaks them big.  The tune here is called Halo and is performed in my favourite way, live.

I’m pretty excited about the potential of this group.  Rikers is a Ontario group who write some very good tunes.  Islands is their first release and a good one it is.  The song Is “I’m On The Radio” and it is a catchy rock song that will have you singing along as you listen.  Nicely done.

I’m On The Radio

The international album release I have chosen is the new disc by Train called California 37.  I always had a soft spot for Hey Soul Sister and their distinctive song style.  One can usually tell that Train is the artist.  I heard this song on DWTS tonight (hey, i have Maria and Derek in my pool, looks like a lock for 80 bucks) and liked it.  The song is called “Drive By”

Drive By

6 responses to “Talent Tuesday – New Canadian Releases – April 17, 2012”

  1. Lighthouse is so calm. Quite nice. Everything seems loud after hearing it, even my keyboard. Yes, it is very easy to identify Train 🙂 but Drive By isn’t close to Hey Soul Sister.


    • Definitely with you on Train. Wasn’t much else in my wheelhouse this week. Patrick Watson is different, very classical in his writing. I like the fusion which is more evident on his other material, Very Coldplay like. This one is from a few years back “Lucious Life” Pretty good tune.


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