Talent Tuesday – New Canadian Releases – April 10, 2012

Light week, but an interesting one.

Gordon Pinsent
Gordon Pinsent (Photo credit: Yorkton Film Festival)

First up is something that is very, very Canadian.  Two institutions team up to release a CD.  Gordon Pinsent (actor) and Greg Keelor (from Blue Rodeo) put together a CD called “Down And Out In Upalong”.  Very much in the singer songwriter genre, Pinsent handled the writing and Greg handles the playing.  Good tune for you to listen to.

“Night Light”

A new release from a new band Eight and a Half is up next.  Formed by a coalition of former members of Broken Social Scene and The Stills, they put out an alternative sound that, frankly, is pretty good.  The disc is titled “Eight and a Half” and the song highlighted is “Go Ego”, done live on the Strombo show.

Bonnie Raitt at 1990 Grammy awards. Crop of Im...
Bonnie Raitt at 1990 Grammy awards. Crop of Image:Bonnie Raitt.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The international pick of the week comes from one my all-time favourites, Bonnie Raitt.  The album, “Slipstream” is a mix of reworked old and some new material.  Can’t say much, other than it is good to have some new material from one of the greats..

Right Down The Line