Remembering Jerry McCain

Tremolo harmonica. In Asia, diatonic usually r...
Tremolo harmonica. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Jerry “Boogie” McCain passed away on March 28.  He was 81.  He was best known for his harmonica.  Most active in the 50’s and 60’s, he was still recording well into the 1990’s.  Jerry recorded with some greats, including Johnnie Johnson and Jimmy Vaughn.  Here is some music.  You will recognize some of the styling as representative of early rock and roll.

I Want Somebody To Love


One final song, and this one is hot, hot hot.

Twist 62

8 responses to “Remembering Jerry McCain”

  1. I was saddened to read about this ( saw it on G+) and of course I just had to listen to the music that you shared.

    Damn he was good wasn’t he? ….and another great passes into history!

    Thanks for letting “us” know!


  2. When I read about this on G+. I came right over to the post and listened to one heck of a great man….dang it he was good wasn’t he?

    Well….another great man has passed into history and for that I am saddened!

    Thanks so much for sharing this with all of “us”

    P.S….I loved the last song and yes it was hot hot hot!


  3. oh my goodness… sorry about that… feel free to delete one of them..there was a huge glitch on my wonderful or not so wonderful Chrome…yikes…oh well at least you know that I was not changing my opinion!..thank for your humor


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