Dan Coyle – Twitter Thursday

KAY acoustic guitar on chair

Dan Coyle bills himself as an International Touring Artist.  He is a singer songwriter in the Folk Rock mold.  He has 3 albums to date and is on a 30 city tour of the USA.  If you like what your hear, the remaining tour dates are here.  If you like the music, it is available at all the regular places online.  His twitter handle is @dan_coyle

He hails from Astoria, NY.  It appears he now lives from a suitcase based on the touring he has done over the past few years.  Let’s take a listen.

The first tune is titled Night Club Towns and is a live version.  As always, live is the best.  As I listen, I hear some Jason Mraz with a side of Jack Johnson and even some Paul Simon mixed in.  Good song.

This tune is titled C’est La Vie.  Another smoking good song.

This video is interesting in that Dan is interviewed on being an independent musician.  Quite informative and really highlights what drives people to pursue their goal and one way to do it.  “Booking at a venue that is half a  step higher than I belong, then it makes me work that much harder”.

Keep on plugging Dan, you are on the right track.  Very good material.

4 responses to “Dan Coyle – Twitter Thursday”

  1. I think I may have seen him open for someone in the recent past. I was just in Astoria this afternoon and didn’t see any strolling minstrels.

    Good stuff, and thanks for highlighting this guy.

    And stop messing with my calendar!!!


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