Talent Tuesday – New Canadian Releases – March 27 and April 3, 2012

Back from vacation and champing at the bit to see what new goodies Canada’s talented musicians have served us on these 2 Tuesdays.

First up is veteran Canadian rocker Tomi Swick.  He hails from Hamilton and is best known for his tune “A Night Like This”.  He released his new self titled album last week and this is a track called “Ready”.


The next group is Montreal based trio “Half Moon Run” who released their new disc “Dark Eyes” on March 27.  They are an alternative band with an interesting sound.  The attached video is from the album and has a nice drum line that keeps your attention throughout the song.

Full Circle

Budding world superstars Zeus released their new disc on March 27 as well.  They are an indie rock band based in Toronto  with one very successful release to their credit.  The new album is called “Busting Visions” and this was the first release.  Great tune with some southern rock tones to it.

Are You Gonna Waste My Time

Next up is Toronto based band “The Great Lake Swimmers“.  They released their disc “New Wild Everywhere” on April 3rd.  This is their 5th album.  They have become fixtures of Canadian radio with their melodic rock vibe.  The video is titled “Easy Come, Easy Go”.

Great Lake Swimmers playing at the Tsunami Clu...
Great Lake Swimmers playing at the Tsunami Club, Köln, Germany (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Easy Come, Easy Go

The last Canadian release that I will highlight this week is by Our Lady Peace.  These guys can rock.  They have been a staple on Canada’s music scene for 20 years.  Hailing from Toronto, they continue to give their fans solid and consistent music.  This tune is titled “Heavyweight”.

A picture of Our Lady Peace at Virgin Festival...
A picture of Our Lady Peace at Virgin Festival Ontario day 2 2009 taken by Charwinger21 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My international pick of the week is a very interesting band (2/3 New Yorkers, 1/3 Denverite) called The Lumineers.  They play an outstanding mix of folk and rock as seen in the attached song.  Very good band,I highly recommend.

Ho Hey

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    • Did you get any Zeus off their first album? Zep is a good comparison. I was thinking another Canadian group as well that was on the Cover of the Rolling Stone (won the contest), The Sheepdogs. Check them out as well.


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