Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 15

A great set today.  We have a band that will increase my perv quota, featuring one of the best singers you will ever hear, some current alt music, the expected classic rock and a some East Coast shanty song.

1.The New Pornographers

” Mass Romantic”

The New Pornographers @ HoBBoston
The New Pornographers @ HoBBoston (Photo credit: bradsearles)

The New Pornographers are am indie band out of Vancouver, BC.  They feature the superb vocals of Alt-country superstar Neko Case.  This song is off their first album of the same name from 2000.

2. Metric

“Gimme Sympathy”

Gimme Sympathy

Toronto based Metric released this song in 2007.  the band won Canada’s Juno award in 2010 as top Alternative Band.  They have been together since 1998 and have been very influential in Canada for several years.

3. Lighthouse

“Sunny Days”

Formed in Toronto in 1968, Lighthouse is an all time great feel good band.  This song was a huge hit for them in 1972.  Their sound was very mature for the day, reminiscent of Chicago.  The version I have added is a live version recorded in 2010.

4. Martha and the Muffins

“Echo Beach”


Martha and the Muffins have been together since 1977 and are still playing and touring.  Echo Beach was their only major hit, and it dominated the charts in 1980, reaching top 5 in Canada and the UK and top 40 in the USA.

5. Stan Rogers

“Barrett’s Privateers”

East coast Celtic classic by Stan Rogers, who passed away in 1983, a victim of a fire on board an Air Canada plane in Cincinnati.

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