Chilliwack = A Canadian Classic

Bill Henderson (lead singer and guitarist for ...
Bill Henderson

Ah yes, Chilliwack.  A Canadian staple on the radio in the 70’s.  “Fly at Night”, “Lonesome Mary”, “Rain-O”, “Crazy Talk”, “Gone, Gone, Gone”, an extensive list of classics.  The group was formed in 1964 as The Classics, later changing their name to The Collectors before settling on Chilliwack.  Being around for so long, there have obviously been many changes in personnel, all rotating around the constant of Bill Henderson.  They were innovators in their use of Native American instruments in their songs, predating Xavier Rudd by many decades.  Over the years the band has released 14 albums and has had 8 Top 40 hits in Canada while charting 23 times and 2 Top 40 hits in the USA, while charting 7 times.  The have not recorded since 1984, although a live album was released in 2003.  An interesting side-note, band member Brian Macleod and the rest of the group, without Bill Henderson, played as the Headpins in the 1980’s with Darby Mills, another Canadian icon of the 1980’s.  The band continues to tour today.


The song attached is a live version of “Sundown”, another Chilliwack staple.  This version was done live on the old TV show, Come Together.

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