Ray Charles and Billy Preston – Very Cool

Backside Billy Preston - Late At Night
Billy Preston

Some rare footage of Billy Preston, a great keyboardist in his own right (Get Back – The Beatles), performing Agent Double O Soul with Ray Charles.  Awesome.  You have to be amazed by Ray’s feel for what Billy is doing, although I am thinking that the green suit may have been a bit much for him.  Enjoy.

Listening to Canadians – Ash Koley

Ash Koley at the Rio Theatre
Image by emmerogers via Flickr

Ash Koley is a Canadian talent, born and raised in Winnipeg.  Winnipeg is a major Canadian hotbed of musical talent having spawned the Guess Who, Crash Test Dummies, The Watchmen and  Chantal Kreviazuk just to name  few.  Ash Koley performs a mix of pop, alternative and a dash of new wave in her music.  The song I have chosen to introduce to you, the reader is “Brighter At Night”.  Not a chart topping monolithic anthem, but a light enjoyable summer type of song, heavy on the pop.  Hope you enjoy, even a little bit.

Listening To Classics – The Who

Keith Moon in 1975
Keith Moon

The Who and the Smothers Brothers, an interesting combination.  The video is from a 1965 appearance on the Smothers Brothers, and was, unfortunately, lip-synced.  The banter with Tommy Smothers and the performance are not, which makes for an interesting performance.  Pretend they are live and enjoy The Who playing “My Generation“.  An interesting side note for you.  On the album “My Generation”, Jimmy Page plays lead guitar on “Bald Headed Woman” and rhythm guitar on “I Can’t Explain“.

Listening to Canadians – Royal Wood

Royal Wood
Royal Wood

Royal Wood is a Canadian singer songwriter, born in Peterborough, Ontario.  He has been releasing albums since 2002.  In 2010, he received the  iTunes songwriter of the year award for his album “The Waiting.  His sound is all over the map, from being compared to Randy Newman to Tom Waits and even to the Beach Boys.  Each album is different, but each is musically very sound.  The attached song is of of “The Waiting” and is titled “On Top of Your Love”.

Remembering – Jani Lane (Warrant)

The Best of Warrant
Image via Wikipedia

The 80’s, time of hair bands, and one of the more successful bands was Warrant.  Singer, front man, Jani Lane passed away on August 11.  He was 47.  Cause of death is unknown at this time.  He was an on and off again member of Warrant, leaving the band for good in 2004.  He was most recently appearing as lead singer for Greta White while Jack Russell was recovering from surgery.  The video is a live version of “Cherry Pie“, one their bigger hits.