Remembering Dan Peek – America

History: America's Greatest Hits

A tough week for music lovers.  Dan Peek, member of America during the glory years in the 70’s passed away on July 24th.  He wrote, sang lead and backup vocals and guitar with the band.  America was one of those bands that you either liked or disliked passionately.  Having said that, one cannot deny that they are part of any 70’s soundtrack.  Their hits are iconic and will still be played for a very long time.  Songs such as “Ventura Highway“, “Horse With No Name“, “Tin Man” and “Sister Golden Hair” are unforgettable.

Dan Peek left the band in 1977 and went on to a productive career as a Christian singer/songwriter.  He chose this route as a foil to his years of recreational drug use.  In contrast to Amy Winehouse, he was one of the lucky ones, escaping the rocker lifestyle as he did.

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